Revisiting My Resolutions


Back in December, I came up with four resolutions that I wanted to follow this year. It’s now October, and I have to say that I’m currently about half successful with them. While I stopped keeping track of everything, I have absolutely started to eat 1,000 times better than I did last year. I stopped eating land meat (I still eat fish and some sea creatures) and am off dairy. I started taking supplements such as B12 and probiotics to make sure that my energy and gut still work despite my food choices as well as other vitamins to take care of my heart and skin.

I’m also exercising more. This is first off because I live in Colorado and I actually want to be outside and secondly because I weigh about 20 pounds less than I did last year and am able to move my body around a lot easier. I never thought of myself as overweight but I can definitely feel the difference when I climb or run. The fact that I actually like to and can trail run shows me that I’m eating healthier. I’m also cooking a lot and discovering a wonderful passion and talent (if I do say so myself) that I never knew I had!

Yoga and meditation have not become part of my routine, however. If I’m sore, I will do some yoga moves and they always make me feel better but I am still too anti-routine and not disciplined enough to take the time and do a yoga or meditation session!

I’m not too worried about it though. It took my 27 years to figure out how to eat the way I like and it took me a move across the country to do more exercise. I have faith that when my body is ready for meditation and yoga, it will let me know. I am learning to be patient with myself because if I push, I know I will quit before I even get started. Practicing this realization, in itself, is a huge step for me.


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